Do you ever see pictures of your younger self and think, oh there is so much ahead of you. Things were so much simpler then and the life in your eyes is so much different now. More complex

Before life changing car accidents.
Before cancer and illness in loved ones or their children.
Before knowing children are murdered or abused.
Before understanding how truly ugly people can be.
Before understanding what true fear and loss of control is.
Before the daily, sometimes exhausting routine parenting and of work life balance.
Before babies coming and going like a whisper.
Before struggles with anxiety and depression.

But also..

Before the appreciation of how fragile life is and how lucky you are.
Before knowing there are people who have true burning desire to do good and be good in the world.
Before knowing the arms of your children wrapped around your neck and how a simple night of time spent with them can mean everything .
Before seeing how well you are loved by friends amidst tragedy.
Before knowing true joy and the lightness of letting go.
Before really feeling the true peace of God that you’ve always heard about even if it was for what seemed like moments.

When you are in the deep of hard times people like to say God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Time and perspective shows that this is simply is unhelpful and untrue. When you get more than you can handle it may break part of you but it will strengthen another part. You will not arrive on the other side unchanged but maybe you will come out with a new and different appreciation for the really important things in life. And in that pain you may even find your passion

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